The Fall Bucket List Book Tag

Happy fall, friends! I’m so excited for this new season.😍 I’m ready for cozy reading days with blankets, warm drinks, and cool weather. Right now it’s still green and warm but the temps are a bit cooler, especially at night, which makes me very happy.!

I saw this tag and I thought it would be perfect for a September post!

Thank you to the original creator of this tag for the awesome questions and beautiful graphics!

Anne of Green Gables is the perfect lighthearted read. I also think it’s a wonderful fall read since it has beautiful descriptions of all seasons, fall included. There’s also the memorable Anne quote “I’m so happy to live in a world where there are October’s!”

Dust has had a lot of hype, especially on bookstagram, which is where I discovered it. I think it deserves all the hype because it was amazing!

The Betsy series by Maud Hart Lovelace has such fun friendships! These kids growing up in the early 1900s knew how to have some fun! I loved reading about “the crowd” and all of their fun times!

Little Women never fails to warm my heart! It’s such a beautiful book, my favorite book actually. There’s just something about Louisa May Alcott’s writing that comforts me. Her books are my favorite to read in fall and winter!

Eleanor from A Beauty So Rare is a wonderful cook, so good that she opens up her own little restaurant for women going through hard times. This is a beautiful book, one that I definitely recommend reading!

This third book in the Tradewinds trilogy made me so happy! It made me want to jump for joy so I think it’s perfect for this prompt. 😉

And that my friends is my answers to the Fall Bucket List Book Tag! I had so much fun!

Thanks so much for stopping my blog! I hope you have a wonderful day and a happy fall!


My Top Favorite Female Characters and What They Taught Me

I have thought about doing this post for a while now. Throughout my life I’ve met a lot of fictional characters that I’ve nearly forgotten. But then I’ve also met a few very special characters who became like best friends for life. These friends changed my perspective on life. They taught me things and made me want to live better for some reason or another. These are the characters that I think about often. I remember them and their story, anxious to revisit them. I decided to make a list of these special characters and what they taught me. All of these characters taught ms a lot of things so I’m just going to be highlighting the main thing I learned from them. Today I am listing my favorite female fictional characters but maybe one day I’ll do a list of my favorite male fictional characters.

Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables- She taught me to notice the little things

I think I must list Anne first because when I think back, I feel like she is the first fictional character I met and thought “I want her to be my best friend.” Anne is a kindred spirit and such a dear fictional friend. The older I get, the more I relate to the older Anne Shirley. I understand things she felt so much better now that I’m older. I met her when I was thirteen. She brightened my life. She feels so very real to me. She was unusual and whimsical. I feel like I learned so much from her, it would be hard to list everything so I will go with the main thing she taught me. She taught me to enjoy every little blessing God gives you. Everything. From the way the sun looks when it’s rising in the morning to the green leaves on a tree. She taught me to look at life through a new lens. She loved nature so. Anne reminded me to notice all the beauty of nature and never take it for granted. Anne will forever be one of my favorite, favorite fictional characters!

Jo March from Little Women- She taught me to never give up

Jo March. I just love Jo. She’s a fictional bestie that I think about so often. We have so much in common while we’re also quite different. I think what I love so much about Jo is that she is so real, so flawed. She’s a flawed human being, and that’s what makes her so lovable. She’s stubborn, quick-tempered, moody, and impulsive. But she’s also kindhearted, selfless, loving, and loyal. She taught me a lot of things. She had such character growth. But I think the main thing I learned from her is to never give up. Never give up on trying to be better and do good. She felt as if she could never conquer her temper but Marmee gave her some good advice that I also took to heart. She also taught me to never give up on dreams. She pursued her love for writing and learned lessons from it. Jo is one of my favorite characters of all time and forever will be.

Polly Milton from An Old Fashioned Girl and Beth March from Little Women- Making others happy and bringing others joy is a good way to make yourself happy

Polly Milton is one of my dearest fictional friends ever. Her kindheart and selflessness throughout the book taught me so much. She truly made me want to be a better person. I feel like she reminded me that bringing others joy is a good way to find happiness yourself. Instead of focusing so much on yourself, focusing on helping others can really help. I feel like I learned the same thing from Beth March. Dear, dear Beth March. She’s the sweetest fictional character ever and I love her so much. She was a peacemaker in her quiet way. I admired her. Both of these characters (both written by Louisa May Alcott) are good examples of 1 Peter 3:4.

Emily Webster from Emily of Deep Valley- She taught me to never let seasons of life get the best of me and also to always be myself. It’s okay if you don’t fit in.

Emily from Emily of Deep Valley is one of those characters I felt like was me. I don’t think I’ve ever related with a character as much as I did Emily. It was a complete surprise to me. I didn’t suspect that I could relate so strongly with an early 1900s character but I did. Throughout the book, Emily dealt with her insecurities and feelings of not fitting in. I could relate to that so much. In a crowd of extroverts, she was the quiet girl that people often forgot about. She taught me it’s okay not to fit in and it’s okay to be yourself. Not only that but she taught me to never let a season of loneliness and depression get the best of me. There will often be seasons of life when things are lonely and depressing but we can’t let that keep us from living. She encouraged me so much. She is a fictional best friend, and came into my life at just the right time.

Betsy Ray from the Betsy series- You shouldn’t try to change yourself in order to be liked

Betsy really learned this in Betsy in Spite of Herself. I felt for her. I’ve tried to do the same thing before. My personality type is an INFJ. I find myself trying to change myself according to who I am around so that I am liked. But Betsy reminded me that changing myself in order to be liked is useless. If people like the version of me that I pretend to be, they aren’t really liking me for me. Betsy Ray is a more recent fictional BFF but she’s awesome. I love her!

Laura Ingalls Wilder from Little House on the Prairie- Work hard and count every blessing

Laura Ingalls must have been an amazing woman. Every time I read the Little House books, my increase for pioneer women grows. Laura in the books reminded me to slow down and count every blessing. Their life was so simple. Yes, it was filled with lots of hard work so it wasn’t easy by any means, but they really did live a simple lifestyle which has always fascinated me in this fast pace world. I think that’s why I love the books so much. They take me to a different, more simple time. I seem to count my blessings every time I finish one of Laura’s stories.

Lucy Pevensie from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe- Believe even when you can’t see

Dear Lucy Pevensie! Her faith inspires me so much. She made me remember to believe even when I can’t see. So often I start to doubt because I can’t see what God is doing or where He is but then I have to remind myself that He is always with me even when I can’t see Him or what He is doing. Lucy’s faith in Aslan inspired me greatly.

Rose Campbell from Rose in Bloom- The world can’t satisfy

Rose is one of my favorite characters (basically every character Louisa May Alcott wrote is my favorite!) but I think it’s because I looked up to her when I was younger and still do. In Rose in Bloom, I feel like one of the main themes is- this world can’t really satisfy us. Maybe that’s just something I personally realized but I truly feel like that’s what Rose reminded me of. I love her and all the characters in Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom.

Emily Starr- You can’t care to much about others opinion of you

Emily Starr is one of those characters that grew on me. While the Emily books aren’t as dear to my heart as the Anne series, I still feel like Emily makes this list. Maybe that’s what happens when you reread a characters story more than once. Emily had people all around her who tried to change her. She had people throwing their opinions at her. But in the end I think she learned to care a little less about what people think about you. This doesn’t mean to be unkind or flippant or whatever. She simply reminded me that we can’t care so much about what people think about us. There’s always going to be people who don’t like us. Also, her pursuing her dream of being a writer despite all of the negative opinions around her was inspiring.

Valancey Stirling from The Blue Castle- Live each day like it’s your last

Valancey is a newer character to me but I still learned a lot from her. She inspired me to love each day like there’s no tomorrow. To love the people around me and live life to the fullest. Some days I feel like I live life halfway but The Blue Castle (as does all of L.M. Montgomery’s books) inspired me to life fully and embrace it all.

Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice- Don’t judge someone before you know them

I think just about everyone got that from Pride and Prejudice but it’s such a good message. It seems like every time I start to judge someone, I remind myself “Don’t make Lizzie Bennett’s mistake.”😂 I think Jane Austen succeeded. Haha! But really, Lizzie learned a lesson and taught me a lesson. Don’t judge someone when you don’t know their story. They might turn out to be a Mr. Darcy. 😉

Jane Eyre from Jane Eyre- Do the right thing! Stand up for what you believe is right even when it’s hard

I’ll be honest, Jane Eyre isn’t my favorite book. Maybe it was because I read it when I was younger and couldn’t relate to it much at all. *makes a note to reread it* But it did stick with me. I have a lot of respect for Jane Eyre’s character. She makes it to this list because I learned something from her and I’ve not forgotten it. Do the right thing even when everything in your human nature wants to do otherwise. Stand up for what you believe is right even if others tell you to do the thing you want to do most. She really inspired me to do just that. Charlotte Bronte is a powerful writer, that’s for sure.


These are the characters that are as dear to me as friends. Let me know in comments which fictional characters are your favorites and have taught you something.

I hope you’re having a wonderful Thursday, friends!