Destination Unknown by Amy Clipston Book Review

I read this book last summer and loved it just as much as the first book in this trilogy. Destination Unknown is the second book in the Roadside Assistance trilogy and follows the story of Whitney, Emily’s cousin. I loved it and can’t wait to give you guys a short review on it!


It’s senior year, and Whitney Richards is tired of the constant pressures to be perfect. When she gets a D in Calculus, her mother immediately hires a tutor, worried Whitney won’t get into the “right” college—her alma mater—with imperfect grades. Her tutor, Taylor, is a quiet, mysterious boy who is unlike anyone Whitney has met before. But Taylor’s rougher upbringing has her mother and friends discouraging any type of relationship.

Tired of having to play a part for everyone else, Whitney quits the cheerleading squad that once defined her social identity, and begins spending more time with Taylor. Her mom and friends worry Whitney is making a huge mistake, and even Taylor begins to show concern for some of her choices. But for the first time, Whitney is in the driver’s seat of her life. Will she be able to find her identity—and God’s plan for her life—before she throws everything away?

My Review

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5 stars

I loved this a lot! It was the best to visit all of these characters again, especially getting to see Zander and Emily again. *heart eyes*

I really loved Whitney’s story. She was super relatable for me and her struggles to figure out who she truly is instead of who everyone tells her she is something I think a lot of teens can relate to. I didn’t like her a whole lot in the first book but after getting her own story, I really like her!
Taylor was amazing too. I loved him and his family, especially Vanessa. Plus he’s a reader soo that makes him even better!

Whitney’s mom drove me crazy most of the book and Whitney did too… but you gotta love these dysfunctional people! 😂

Anyways, I loved, loved, LOVED it! It gets 5 huge stars and more. I can’t wait to read the next one!!!


If you’re looking for a fun, clean YA contemporary that has a love story and deals with family relationships, this one is so, so good!

I know this review is much shorter than my usual reviews but the long and the short of it is— I love this book and recommend this trilogy! I plan to reread it someday soon, and when I do, I plan to update this review with more details!


The Lines Between Us by Amy Lynn Green Book Review

After reading Things We Didn’t Say last year and loving it, I was so excited to read this latest novel by Amy Lynn Green! It didn’t disappoint!


A WWII novel of courage and conviction, based on the true experience of the men who fought fires as conscientious objectors and the women who fought prejudice to serve in the Women’s Army Corps.

Since the attack on Pearl Harbor, Gordon Hooper and his buddy Jack Armitage have stuck to their values as conscientious objectors. Much to their families’ and country’s chagrin, they volunteer as smokejumpers rather than enlisting, parachuting into and extinguishing raging wildfires in Oregon. But the number of winter blazes they’re called to seems suspiciously high, and when an accident leaves Jack badly injured, Gordon realizes the facts don’t add up.

A member of the Women’s Army Corps, Dorie Armitage has long been ashamed of her brother’s pacifism, but she’s shocked by news of his accident. Determined to find out why he was harmed, she arrives at the national forest under the guise of conducting an army report . . . and finds herself forced to work with Gordon. He believes it’s wrong to lie; she’s willing to do whatever it takes for justice to be done. As they search for clues, Gordon and Dorie must wrestle with their convictions about war and peace and decide what to do with the troubling secrets they discover.

My Review

Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Last year I had the pleasure of reading Amy Lynn Green’s debut novel, Things We Didn’t Say. I loved it! I was so excited to read read her latest novel, The Lines Between Us. It didn’t disappoint!

This novel had great characters. Dorie is spirited and vivacious. She was all-around a fun character that I grew to really like. She has her flaws but that’s what makes her so likable. She’s also pretty hilarious. I loved her humor! Gordon was a really relatable character for me. I really sympathized with him. I admired his desire to always tell the truth and to be a better person. I loved his character!

I really liked the side characters too. Sarah Ruth, Jimmy, Leland… all great side characters!

The historical side of the story was really interesting. I’ve never really read a historical fiction based around this side of WW2 so I was intrigued.

The story had just the right amount of suspense, mystery, and action to keep me turning pages. This book is more friendship focused than romance. I actually found that refreshing! It worked really well for this story. It allowed the story to focus on Dorie and Gordon trying to solve the mystery around Jack’s accident.

The faith is subtle is this book but still present and well done.

There were times I was laughing and times I teared up. There’s a lot of truth in this story. The themes of forgiveness and letting go really struck a chord with me.

I really enjoyed this story! If you like WW2 stories with a mystery involved, this would definitely be a great one to check out!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you have a wonderful day!


A Midnight Dance by Joanna Davidson Politano Book Review

I’m here with a book review for one of favorite authors newest novel. This book was amazing. I’m so excited to be reviewing it!


All theater romances are tragedies. Ella Blythe knows this. Still, she cannot help but hope her own story may turn out different than most–and certainly different than the tragic story of the Ghost of Craven Street Theater. Yet as she struggles to maintain her tenuous place in the ever-shrinking ballet company, win the attentions of principal dancer Philippe, and avoid company flirt Jack, Ella cannot deny the uncanny feeling that her life is mirroring that of the dead ballerina.

Is she dancing ever closer to the edge of her own tragic end? Or will the secrets that are about to come to light offer release from the past?

Mystery and romance make the perfect dance partners in this evocative story from fan-favorite Joanna Davidson Politano

My Review:

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5 stars

I have no words to express how beautiful this book is, or how much I loved it. It left me breathless, and all I can do is think about it. It was so very vivid! From the characters to the story, I was completely swept away in the 1838 theater. It was as if the moment I met these characters, I was captivated by every word.

These characters didn’t just exist for me. They lived. I grew so attached to them and their unique stories.

I loved Ella. She was wholly inspiring. She was so real, so raw, so relatable. Her insecurities, her past mistakes, her struggles with perfectionism. All of it was so very relatable for me. I loved her and her story. And her faith and relationship with God was so, so inspiring. When she decided to dance for God, I was so inspired to use my gifts for Him too. I cried.

The hero was amazing. Amazing. I fell in love with his character before I knew it happened. He has become my favorite hero of Joanna’s books, and that’s saying a lot. I can’t say much for spoilers, but I was quite in love.

The romance was beautiful and everything I ever want in a book’s love story. It entirely satisfied my romantic-loving heart. It was perfect. So, so perfect. I loved these two characters with all my heart.

The faith was beautiful. It was woven so beautifully into the story. I was left so inspired. So hopeful.

The writing. Oh, how can I describe how much I love the writing? It’s absolutely beautiful. It’s lyrical and poetic while also being so very real. There’s such a distinction, tone, and grace in Joanna’s writing. I love it.

I laughed, I cried, I felt.

There were so many great plot twists. The mystery was so very compelling.

I was so reluctant to put this book down that I didn’t. I couldn’t get my head out of this book. Literally. I finished it within hours. I’m so glad I read it on a lazy Sunday otherwise my mind would not have been at peace.

The historical details were so intriguing. The setting was wonderfully neat. The 1838 theater and ballet was so interesting. I loved it!

The ending was the BEST. It was beyond perfect. I can’t say how very happy it made me. I felt like crying just by the sheer beauty of it.

I love reading Joanna’s books. I discovered her books last year, and I’m forever grateful that I did. I knew then that she would be one of my TOP favorite authors, and every book she publishes proves that.

I come back to her books because they aren’t merely entertainment for me. I come to her books because they change me. They inspire me, encouraging me to be better and grow in my relationship with God. And that’s invaluable. Something a lot of books can’t do. Not only am I swept away by the story, I’m inspired to live my life for my Savior.

A Midnight Dance was everything I hoped it would be but so, so much more. It was beautiful and I loved it. It made it straight to my list of favorite books. It’s one of those books I know I will reread over and over again. The story is timeless. It definitely made it to my favorite books lists.

I’m beyond excited for her future books.

If you’re a lover of historical fiction— read this book. Even if you aren’t, this book is amazing and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in the least.

*I received this book in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

Finding Lady Enderly by Joanna Davidson Politano Book Review

Today I’m going to be reviewing Finding Lady Enderly by Joanna Davidson Politano. This was another of her books that was 5 star read for me (all of her books have been 5 stars for me!) I read it back in February and loved it!


Raina’s dreams are all about to come true. But some dreams turn out to be nightmares.

Raina Bretton is a rag woman in London’s East End when a handsome stranger appears in a dank alley, offering her a glittering smile and a chance for adventure. Rothburne Abbey has a unique position for her, one that will take her away from her hardscrabble life and give her a chance to be a lady.

My Review

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5 stars

This book was simply beautiful. It was everything I anticipated, and so very much more. I loved it wholeheartedly! I really have no words. But I’m going to try to sort through a few of my thoughts!

The characters were incredible. From the very beginning, I loved the two main characters. They intrigued me and I wanted to know more about them.
Raina was an incredible protagonist. I related to her so much in different ways. Through her insecurities and searching for her true identity, she realizes that her identity can only be found in God, and no one can take that away from her. That really spoke to me.
She was just amazing. She’s was human and made mistakes but she ultimately finds her strength in God in the end.
Sully was an AMAZING hero. Goodness gracious, Ms. Politano knows how to write a compelling male lead. I loved him so much! He just melted my heart. His loyalty, his love, his unselfishness. Ah, I loved him. He was the kind of hero that makes you feel ALL the feels.
I found the side characters extremely intriguing and their stories so compelling. The earl, Simone, Lyn, Philip, even nasty Prendergast (his name is even interesting!) I found them all interesting and intriguing. I couldn’t help but feel for the earl, wanting to know the rest of his story and hoping he got his happy ending too. But alas! I guess I’ll never know.

I love the atmosphere and vibe of this book. It’s so intriguing and mysterious. That being said, the mystery in this book really gripped me, begging for answers.

I also really loved that it’s told in first person. It made me feel so much more connected to Raina and her story. I was able to get into her head. It felt as if she was telling me her story. I love that! I also liked that there isn’t a lot of POVs. I don’t often like when a book overwhelms me with more than two or three POVs. So this was perfect, alternating between mostly Raina and occasionally Sully.

I can’t explain how much I LOVED how Sully and Raina sent each other coded messages through books. I loved, loved, loved it! It was so clever and beautiful, I was fangirling to no end. Ahh, it was so perfect.

Speaking of which, the romance was perfection. I adored it. It was amazing. *sighs dramatically*
I love Raina and Sully as separate individuals but together? They’re perfect. I love their story so, so much. I’m a sucker for childhood best friends falling in love and this was definitely no exception. It was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
Also, the proposal was just about enough to melt my heart. It was beautiful and swoon worthy on so many levels. 😍 It was so perfect. (Did I already mention how amazing Sully is?) insert all the heart eyes

The writing is just so beautiful! I’m not kidding when I say I highlighted half the book on my kindle. It has a touch of classic-ness to it, reminding me a bit of a Brontë novel while also being entirely unique as this author’s own style.
There’s just a million little things I loved about this novel. It’s truly one of the best books I’ve read in a long time, and it goes straight to my favorites list just like The Love Note did.
Ms. Politano’s writing has a way of gripping me and speaking to my soul in such a special way. The messages she weaves into her books always seemed to be something I need to hear and be reminded of.
I was brought to tears, I smiled, I laughed, I was touched. Moments when my heart was racing and couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. It made me happy, inspired me, filled me with hope. It delivered a mystery I couldn’t put down, characters I fell in love with, a story that was amazing, and a message that touched me.
Needless to say, I loved this immensely.❤️


This book went on my favorites list as all of Joanna’s books have. It had everything I want in a good book.

If you love historical mysteries or just mysteries in general, this one was wonderful! Also if you like historical England setting or/and the secret identity trope, I think you would love it too.

I hope you have a blessed day!

❤️ Emma

Roadside Assistance by Amy Clipston Book Review

Hey, bookish friends! Today I’ve got another book review for you. Lately I’ve been enjoying YA contemporaries so I thought I’d finally give my review for my absolute favorite YA contemporary— Roadside Assistance by Amy Clipston!

This book is amazing! I read it last August and fell love with it. The entire trilogy is awesome. In fact I’ve got a review of the entire trilogy right here on my blog but I decided to leave my review for each individual book. They definitely deserve it!

I wrote this review right after I finished the book so my feelings and thoughts for it were fresh.


Emily Curtis is used to dealing with her problems while under the hood of an old Chevy, but when her mom dies, Emily’s world seems shaken beyond repair. Driven from home by hospital bills they can’t pay, Emily and her dad move in with his wealthy sister, who intends to make her niece more feminine—in other words, just like Whitney, Emily’s perfect cousin. But when Emily hears the engine of a 1970 Dodge Challenger, and sees the cute gearhead, Zander, next door, things seem to be looking up. But even working alongside Zander can’t completely fix the hole in Emily’s life. Ever since her mom died, Emily hasn’t been able to pray, and no one—not even Zander—seems to understand. But sometimes the help you need can come from the person you least expect.

My Review:

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5 stars

I loved this book more than I ever thought I would. I finished it in a day and that rarely happens with me. There’s so much I loved about it. Honestly, it was the book I needed at the moment and those always are so special to me.

I related to Emily on so many different levels. She was one of those characters that I feel kindred spirits with. She’s a big introvert, she’s different from other girls her age, and she has her insecurities. She’s not perfect. She has her doubts and her struggles. She feels misunderstood, like no one “gets her”. She feels like a misfit and unknown. Sometimes she just needs her time alone to sort things out and realize how she’s feeling. And I felt that a lot! My heart went out to her and I sympathized her so much because I honestly can’t imagine what that would be like to go what she went through. I just really liked that Emily isn’t perfect but she’s flawed. It was feels so good to be able to relate!

The side characters really captured my heart too— Zander was such a great guy. Plus I really like his name!. At the surface you think he’s just one of those popular guys but he’s so much more than that. He was so sweet. Chelsea was such a fun, caring character and a really good friend. She reached out to Emily and really went out of her way to show how much she cared. Whitney was a character that I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to like at the beginning but as the story progressed, I really started to like her and see her in a different light. She became one of my favorites!

There’s a lot of aspects to the story that I liked a whole lot. Zander and Emily’s love story was my favorite kind, best friends to falling in love. 🙂 Their relationship was so good. It wasn’t shallow but was meaningful while also really fun. I also really like that the romance isn’t what the entire story revolves around. There’s a lot more to it. It’s the perfect balance.

For me, this was just the story I needed right now. Just a story about a seventeen year old girl trying to find her way in the world and figure out what it’s all about. Being a teenager can be really confusing and hard at times and this story really captures that. I could relate in so many ways and the whole message really touched me in a way I didn’t know it would. God is there even when we don’t realize it or feel His presence. “There Was Jesus” by Zach Williams is a really good song for this book.

This story really impacted and inspired me. It also made me think a lot. I teared up not just once but many, many times in this book because a lot of stuff hit me. But, I also found myself smiling and snickering a lot too. I think it’s just really cool how you never know which books will speak to you. You never know whenever you pick up a book that it might just be something in it that will touch you. You may read a dozen or more books and not feel or think much about it but then you’ll randomly pick up a book and it’ll become special to you because it spoke to you in that time in your life. And one book might touch one person but another person won’t think anything about it. We’re all on our own journeys, facing different things, on different walks of life. I just find it neat. 🙂

Anyways, I’ve rambled long enough!! I loved this book and I wanted to document these late night thoughts before I forget them. I also want to remember how I connected with this book!

I recommend this book completely, especially to teen girls!!! It’s clean and inspiring. We need more books like this in the Christian YA genre. 🙂


I read this trilogy a year ago and I still think about it so often. The characters and story have really stuck with me.

One of the reasons I love writing book reviews is because I love looking back at them every now and then just so I can remember how I felt the first time I read the book, and what stood out to me. That’s why so many of my reviews include my fangirl gushing. I love remembering those feelings. Ya know, my blog is a lot like my bookish diary! 😂

Thanks for taking time to stop by! I hope you enjoyed your visit. And I hope I inspired you to read this book! It’s an absolute favorite of mine.

I hope you have a great day, friends!

❤️ Emma

Lady Jayne Disappears by Joanna Davidson Politano Book Review

I read this book a few weeks ago— and oh my goodness! It was so good! I figured since I loved it so much, I had to share my review for it on my blog. 😉


When Aurelie Harcourt’s father dies in debtor’s prison, he leaves her just two things: his wealthy family, whom she has never met, and his famous pen name, Nathaniel Droll. Her new family greets her with apathy and even resentment. Only the quiet houseguest, Silas Rotherham, welcomes her company.

When Aurelie decides to complete her father’s unfinished serial novel, writing the family into the story as unflattering characters, she must keep her identity as Nathaniel Droll hidden while searching for the truth about her mother’s disappearance–and perhaps even her father’s death.

My Review:

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️- 5/5 stars

This book was AMAZING! So, so good. Honestly, I have no words. What it is about JDP books that leave me speechless? I have now read every book she has published and I can definitely say she is one of my TOP favorite authors of all time.

The writing is breathtakingly beautiful. So poetic and classic. So many quotes I just wanted to muse over. Lines that hit deep. I LOVE her writing so, so much!
Also, I absolutely love that she uses first person! It helps me connect so deeply with the character.

The characters were amazing. Aura was such a great MC. I quickly loved her and identified with her so, so much. I think all writers will be able to.
I love how she always tries to see the good in others, and help them however she can.
Silas was definitely an interesting character. I really grew to love him!
And the side characters! Each so interesting and unique. I usually don’t care much about the background characters in books but each had a purpose in this book.

The romance was very well written,and clean! I love how the focus of this book isn’t solely on the romance but on other things such as the themes running throughout, and the mystery.

Ahh, so many plot twists and turns, and mystery and suspense, and I LOVED it!! It was wonderful. I was intrigued and couldn’t put the book down. My mind was racing, trying to figure out everything but i couldn’t. I was surprised so many times.

The setting was very vivid and I really enjoyed it.

The ending. sighs Soo good.

The faith was soo beautifully woven into this story. I love how Aura prays for specific people in her life, and the time she spends with God, going to Him when she is lonely and overwhelmed. It was truly inspiring.
I could take away a lot from the messages. It’s okay not to fit in. It’s okay to be yourself.
I really loved the verse and C.S. Lewis quote at the end. Really wrapped up this beautiful work of art!

The content was clean, something I appreciate so much!

Honestly, I can’t give adequate words for this book but I’ll just say, it was so good. I loved it.

Thanks for reading my review! It’s my goal to review all of Joanna’s books because I have loved them all. I can’t wait until her next release!

I hope you’re having a good day! Happy Hump Day, friends. 😊


Shadow by Kara Swanson Book Review

Y’all, I have waited for this book for what seems like FOREVER… and it was so, so hard! Well, I can confidently say, it was SO worth the wait!

First of all, I want to give a huge thank you to Kara Swanson for sending my an ARC of this beautiful book. She was so kind, and completely made my day! So thanks to her, I’m here to give you an early review! 😊

Note: Before reading the synopsis, you’ll want to read Dust first so you won’t be spoiled.


Peter Pan has crash-landed back on Neverland. But this is not the island he remembers.

Desperate to rescue Claire and the fractured Lost Boys, Peter must unravel what truly tore his dreamland apart. But with each step, he is haunted by more of his own broken memories. Not even Pan himself is what he seems.

Claire Kenton is chained to a pirate ship, watching the wreckage of Neverland rocked by tempests. When she finally finds her brother, Connor is every bit as shattered as the island. Claire may have pixie dust flowing in her veins—but the light of Neverland is flickering dangerously close to going out forever.

To rescue Neverland from the inescapable shadow, the boy who never grew up and the girl who grew up too fast will have to sacrifice the only thing they have left: each other.

My Review:

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I was immediately immersed back into this world of mermaids, pixies, pirates, and Lost Boys— and it was wonderful.

The writing is stunning. GOODNESS. I absolutely love it. The descriptions are so colorful. I truly felt like I was in Neverland. It’s purely magical, and sprinkled with pixie dust. The way it’s written evokes so much emotion in me! It’s truly beautiful.

There’s so much imagination and thought given into each and every detail making it brilliant. So many things just sparked my imagination and the childhood wonder inside me!

The characters. OH my stars I love these character SO blooming much (as Peter would say. I’m telling you, I’ll probably be talking like Peter for a week!)

I have SO much love for Claire and Peter. These two are literally two character who have wholly taken my heart. They’re so real to me. They feel like friends. Goodness, someone take me to Neverland please!!!

Peter. I’m so stinkin proud of Peter. I love him so, so much. He grew so much. His character arc is one of the best I’ve ever read. It takes time for him to grow in a realistic way, and it made him so amazing. He’s hilarious. I love the way he talks. Goodness. I laughed so much at him. He’s just so great. AHH!

Claire was amazing. I love her so much. She has struggled and she has overcome. Her character is so beautiful. I want to be her friend and give her a hug.

Lily was incredible and the Lost Boys have my heart.

Conner was such an interesting, heartbreaking character. Same with Paige. I never liked her but I did find her interesting.

Peter and Claire *squeals, fangirls, grins like mad, tries to calm down* Ok, so these two are the best. I love them SO much. I shipped them in Dust, I shipped them in Shadow, I ship them FOREVA. They make my heart so happy. Their love story makes me wanna cry and smile and AHH, these two!!! Y’all!!! Pretty sure every love song I listen to in the next month will be about Peter and Claire. A Lost Boy and a Pixie Girl!! My heart!!

SO much happened in this book. It was an emotional rollercoaster. Twists and turns. I never knew what was gonna happen and it was epic.

The messages and themes in this book almost brought me to tears. It was beautiful. The light, the Hope, the beauty!

It reminded me that we can’t escape reality. We have to face it. We have to face our shadows. And when we do, we realize there is Light and Hope to be found. Not in ourselves but in One far greater. I find that in God and this book really made that hit home for me. For that, I’m so grateful.

This book was magical and beautiful, filled with light and hope. Yes, there were some dark times but in the end, the light shines all the brighter for it.

This reimagining of Peter Pan was absolutely incredible. I so highly recommend both Dust and Shadow! As I rarely read fantasy and am quite picky when it comes to it, these books swept me off my feet and reminded me that I do love fantasy.

I will now be dreaming of Neverland, Peter Pan, Claire, and the Lost Boys for a month or so. Not a bad daydream for this summer. The perfect one.☺️

*Thanks again to Kara Swanson for providing me with an ARC in exchange a review. All opinions are my own. 😊

Dust by Kara Swanson Book Review

I read and reviewed Dust by Kara Swanson on Goodreads back in October but for some reason I never reviewed it on my blog. Since I will be reviewing the sequel, Shadow, soon I thought I would review this amazing Peter Pan reimagining that ended up being one of my top favorite books of 2020!


The truth about Neverland is far more dangerous than a fairy tale.

Claire Kenton believes the world is too dark for magic to be real–since her twin brother was stolen away as a child. Now Claire’s desperate search points to London… and a boy who shouldn’t exist.

Peter Pan is having a beastly time getting back to Neverland. Grounded in London and hunted by his own Lost Boys, Peter searches for the last hope of restoring his crumbling island: a lass with magic in her veins.

The girl who fears her own destiny is on a collision course with the boy who never wanted to grow up. The truth behind this fairy tale is about to unravel everything Claire thought she knew about Peter Pan–and herself.

My Review:

Note: I wrote this review back in October so I was quite upset and anxious for the second book. Fortunately, July is much closer now!😉

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“You were created for more than to bear the weight of your shadows— but you have to choose to no longer let them define you. You have to choose to let the light shine through the shattered pieces.”

Oh. My. Goodness. This book was everything I wanted it to be, and so much more.

This whole book just felt sprinkled in pixie dust. Everything about it was whimsical and utterly beautiful! It’s just left me in a Peter Pan/ Neverland daydream and I love it so entirely.

The characters in this story were absolutely wonderful.
From the very start, I related soo hard to Claire because she’s a major introvert but she also has that side that she reserves for those she cares about. She was such a complex, beautiful character and I loved her and seeing her grow.
Peter blew me away. I was very curious to see how the author would pull off writing about a character like him. But she nailed it. I LOVED him (even though, yes, I wanted to shake him half the time)
I’ve never fully read the classic Peter Pan but I have seen the movie. I remember that I never really understood him, even if I did really like the story.
I love, LOVE how she crafted him. She made him everything we know about Peter Pan… childish, reckless, irresponsible, cocky, and careless. But she also tells us WHY he’s that way. I just really loved that she gave him a back story. It helped me understand him and see him in a way I never imagined. Also, seeing him as a nineteen year old was definitely interesting. And seeing him grow and change throughout the book was the best thing ever. He’s not quite there yet… but BOOK 2!!!!!!!
Tiger Lily was wonderful in so many ways. I also liked Officer Darling.
The villains were complete villains.

There’s so many other little things I love so much. The whole “Pixie-Girl” thing and the dancing with the pixies heart melts. The magic was beautifully done. The character-development was brilliant. Peter and Claire made me smile soo much.❤️ I could go on and on.

My only complaint? (Not really a complaint, just an impatient fangirl rant) THE CLIFFHANGER. BOOK 2 CANNOT GET HERE QUICK ENOUGH. Uhhhhhh I’m not okay. How can I wait until July??!?!? I don’t know. But I will be VERY anxiously waiting until then.

So to sum it up? This book was a whimsical, magical, golden work of art and went straight to my favorites. There are soo many beautiful quotes in here. I even got teared up because some of it really hit home. The beauty of this book goes beyond the cover.
Kara Swanson’s writing is soo beautiful and whimsical. Oh my goodness. I loved it so very much.

I really, really can’t wait until the next book. I need more of these characters ASAP. 🙂

Castle of Refuge by Melanie Dickerson Book Review

Hey, friends! Today I’m reviewing Melanie Dickerson’s upcoming release for next month, Castle of Refuge. It’s the second book in her series, The Dericott Tales.


To live an unforgettable life, she would defy all expectations—including her own.

Ever since she was a child, Audrey wanted her life to be extraordinary. But as the daughter of a viscount born in late fourteenth-century England, the only thing expected of her was to marry—until an act of malice by her sister, Maris, four years ago damaged her prospects even further. Though Maris was sent away, twenty-year-old Audrey is still suffering the scars of her sister’s cruelty. So when her father announces his plans to marry off his damaged daughter and bring Maris back home, Audrey decides to flee in search of her true destiny.

However, life outside her home is dangerous, and she soon finds herself attacked, sick, and in dire straits. She is taken in at Dericott Castle to be nursed back to health. While there, she decides to keep her identity a secret and work as a servant in the castle. But she doesn’t count on falling in love with the young and handsome Lord Dericott, who lost his arm several months earlier and bears scars of his own.

Meanwhile, Edwin—Lord Dericott—is curious about the new, well-educated servant’s identity. When the man Audrey’s father wanted her to marry comes looking for her, each must make a life-changing decision about what to believe and whether or not love is truly worth trusting.

My Review:

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Castle of Refuge was quite exciting. It did take me a little while to get into it but once the action began, it was hard to put down.

It’s a story of two scarred people finding each other and loving each other, scars and all. I find that particular storyline so beautiful!

I immediately felt so much sympathy for Audrey. I can’t imagine being so mistreated by someone who is suppose to be your role model and best friend. Throughout the book we see Audrey deal with the insecurities and scars her sister has caused her. She was such a sweet girl and I wanted only a happy ending for her!

I also felt sympathy for Edwin. We saw him lose his arm in the first book and in this book we watch him deal with the affects of only having one arm. While I felt for him, I also admired him.

Watching these two come together was very sweet. I loved that it was slow-burn and clean.

I really enjoy the faith content included. And again, I appreciate the cleanness of the romance!

There were some pretty intense scenes and suspense towards the end that kept me flipping pages. Overall, I liked this second book in the series! While I’m not loving it as much as I did the Hagenheim series (insert heart eyes!), it’s still good.

If you’re a fan of YA historical love stories, I think you would enjoy this!

*I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

A Lady in Attendance by Rachel Fordham Book Review

I’m so excited to be reviewing A Lady in Attendance by Rachel Fordham, a historical fiction novel that comes out June 1!


Five years in a New York state reformatory have left a blemish on Hazel’s real name. So when she takes a job as Doctor Gilbert Watts’s lady in attendance in 1898, she does so under an alias. In the presence of her quiet and pious employer, Hazel finds more than an income. She finds a friend and a hope that if she can set her tarnished past in order, she might have a future after all.

As Gilbert becomes accustomed to the pleasant chatter of his new dental assistant, he can’t help but sense something secretive about her. Perhaps there is more to this woman than meets the eye. Can the questions that loom between them ever be answered? Or will the deeds of days gone by forever rob the future of its possibilities?

My Review

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I’ve been anticipating this book ever since I first saw it coming out. I’ve loved every book Rachel Fordham has written and this one was no different!

First of all, I found it so interesting how unique Hazel’s profession is for historical fiction! I was definitely intrigued when I found out she was a dental assistant (called a lady in attendance at that time.) I’ve contemplated this profession, so reading about what that was like in the late 1800s was so neat!

I loved Hazel and her story. It was inspiring and gripped me. I wanted to know all of it. I felt for her in so many ways and was rooting for her the whole time. Her past was written so well. I was so intrigued by it, and I felt so much emotion behind it. I really love how her past unfolded throughout the novel instead of having an info-dump at the beginning. It left me wanting to read and more to find out what had happened.

Gilbert was an amazing male lead. I’m sure I sighed several times throughout because he was so romantic! Yes, Rachel Fordham successfully made a 1800s dentist romantic. ☺️ I just loved him! He was awkward and shy and adorable! (I feel weird calling him adorable but he really was… in a manly way.)😉 As an introvert, I felt for the poor guy! I loved and admired his loyalty to Hazel. He was just really sweet!

I also love the secondary characters, especially Ina. Her and Duncan made my heart so happy! I even liked Eddie in the end.

The love story was beautiful! It was just the way I like it. It was slow-burn, and wasn’t based merely on looks/ physical attraction. I find so many romance novels focus on the character’s looks and outward appearance when their character and heart is what really matters. Rachel Fordham does a beautiful job at writing a romance with depth. It made me smile and sigh. It made my heart happy!

This was more than a romance novel though. There was mystery and suspense that made the book hard to put down. There were themes of forgiveness, both forgiveness towards others and yourself. Themes of moving on from your past and finding peace. The faith woven in is beautiful. Simple and yet profound.

I loved the humor. I laughed and smiled so much! The banter was so good.☺️

Also, I just have to point this out because I’m such an Anne of Green Gables fan that even a mention of the name Gilbert brings Gilbert Blythe to mind… but Gilbert and Hazel reminded me slightly of my favorite fictional couple ever, Gilbert and Anne. I think it’s Hazel’s “red” hair that did that.😉

I loved this novel! It had a good love story, wonderful characters, and the right amount of suspense. I couldn’t be more excited for her next release. Her books never fail to inspire me! I recommend to anyone looking for a good historical fiction.

A Lady in Attendance releases June 1 and is available for preorder now!

*Thanks to the publisher for providing me with an ARC. All opinions are my own.