A Midnight Dance by Joanna Davidson Politano Book Review

I’m here with a book review for one of favorite authors newest novel. This book was amazing. I’m so excited to be reviewing it!


All theater romances are tragedies. Ella Blythe knows this. Still, she cannot help but hope her own story may turn out different than most–and certainly different than the tragic story of the Ghost of Craven Street Theater. Yet as she struggles to maintain her tenuous place in the ever-shrinking ballet company, win the attentions of principal dancer Philippe, and avoid company flirt Jack, Ella cannot deny the uncanny feeling that her life is mirroring that of the dead ballerina.

Is she dancing ever closer to the edge of her own tragic end? Or will the secrets that are about to come to light offer release from the past?

Mystery and romance make the perfect dance partners in this evocative story from fan-favorite Joanna Davidson Politano

My Review:

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5 stars

I have no words to express how beautiful this book is, or how much I loved it. It left me breathless, and all I can do is think about it. It was so very vivid! From the characters to the story, I was completely swept away in the 1838 theater. It was as if the moment I met these characters, I was captivated by every word.

These characters didn’t just exist for me. They lived. I grew so attached to them and their unique stories.

I loved Ella. She was wholly inspiring. She was so real, so raw, so relatable. Her insecurities, her past mistakes, her struggles with perfectionism. All of it was so very relatable for me. I loved her and her story. And her faith and relationship with God was so, so inspiring. When she decided to dance for God, I was so inspired to use my gifts for Him too. I cried.

The hero was amazing. Amazing. I fell in love with his character before I knew it happened. He has become my favorite hero of Joanna’s books, and that’s saying a lot. I can’t say much for spoilers, but I was quite in love.

The romance was beautiful and everything I ever want in a book’s love story. It entirely satisfied my romantic-loving heart. It was perfect. So, so perfect. I loved these two characters with all my heart.

The faith was beautiful. It was woven so beautifully into the story. I was left so inspired. So hopeful.

The writing. Oh, how can I describe how much I love the writing? It’s absolutely beautiful. It’s lyrical and poetic while also being so very real. There’s such a distinction, tone, and grace in Joanna’s writing. I love it.

I laughed, I cried, I felt.

There were so many great plot twists. The mystery was so very compelling.

I was so reluctant to put this book down that I didn’t. I couldn’t get my head out of this book. Literally. I finished it within hours. I’m so glad I read it on a lazy Sunday otherwise my mind would not have been at peace.

The historical details were so intriguing. The setting was wonderfully neat. The 1838 theater and ballet was so interesting. I loved it!

The ending was the BEST. It was beyond perfect. I can’t say how very happy it made me. I felt like crying just by the sheer beauty of it.

I love reading Joanna’s books. I discovered her books last year, and I’m forever grateful that I did. I knew then that she would be one of my TOP favorite authors, and every book she publishes proves that.

I come back to her books because they aren’t merely entertainment for me. I come to her books because they change me. They inspire me, encouraging me to be better and grow in my relationship with God. And that’s invaluable. Something a lot of books can’t do. Not only am I swept away by the story, I’m inspired to live my life for my Savior.

A Midnight Dance was everything I hoped it would be but so, so much more. It was beautiful and I loved it. It made it straight to my list of favorite books. It’s one of those books I know I will reread over and over again. The story is timeless. It definitely made it to my favorite books lists.

I’m beyond excited for her future books.

If you’re a lover of historical fiction— read this book. Even if you aren’t, this book is amazing and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in the least.

*I received this book in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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